What is Outreach

Outreach is the mobile division of Police & Community Youth Centres (PCYC) creating youth spaces in partnership with local government, schools, social agencies, community groups and businesses. 

While the flexible nature of Outreach means different activities are offered to different regions and audiences, there are certain foundation elements that remain fixed, these are: road safety, drug and alcohol awareness, social engagement, leadership development and entertainment. 

Outreach staff operate from a 3.5 ton truck filled with equipment and deliver “on-demand” programs where and when they are needed. Youth Spaces can be quickly created in both outdoor and indoor places and fixed facilities, such as school halls and recreation centres, are also used to deliver Outreach programs.


The Programs

Programs delivered by Outreach include (but are not limited to):

  • Community Cycling Education Training (CCET) – road and traffic safety plus lessons on riding and bike maintenance
  • Community Driving & Education Training (CDET) - Road and Traffic safety
  • School Drug Education and Road Awareness (SDERA)
  • Skate & BMX workshops
  • Dance workshops & Dance events

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For further information about Outreach email livalive@wapcyc.com.au

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