Skills Workshops at Subiaco PCYC

Subiaco PCYC has partnered with the City of Subiaco to run Upskill and Skateboarding workshops.

The Upskill program is designed to develop both professional and personal skills in young people, readying them for the workforce and life in general. The Upskill workshop focused on resume writing and was held at Subiaco PCYC on 11th January 2017.

The Skateboarding workshop was held in conjunction with Skateboarding WA for young people of all ages. The first workshop for 2017, catered for all skill levels, including first time beginners, whilst a second workshop 18th January 2017 was tailored to those at an intermediate level who wanted to learn some cool new tricks and ramp up their skateboarding technique. Both the Upskill and Skateboarding workshops were free.


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