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We all know Blue Light™ from our youth. Discos, a safe haven, alcohol-free parties run by local police and community volunteers. Memories of a carefree childhood.

These days, Blue Light™ is much more than that, from abseiling to rock climbing, activities that engage our youth, helping build safer communities.

mix94.5 is proud to partner with PCYC’s Blue Light™ programs through their weekly music feature ‘Blue Light™ Thursdays’  – playing the hits that shaped your high school years (as well as a few songs you may not have heard since high school!). This partnership will run until 6 December 2018.

“Bringing awareness to the brand is important,” explains PCYC Senior Marketing Advisor, Clare McAlaney. “It begins with hearing about Blue Light™ on the radio, then widens to recognising Blue Light™ and PCYC in a local community. We are incredibly grateful to mix94.5 for their generous support.”

Gina Hogan, mix94.5 General Manager, said of PCYC and Blue Light™, “We value the brands.” She explained that the PCYC brand is much like those of mix94.5 – “safe, family and community values”.

An international brand, Blue Light™ recently began in Scotland, and stretches to New Zealand, Fiji and all states of Australia. Originating in Victoria, it began by police to give young people something to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Ms McAlaney has fond memories of her local Blue Light™ in Woodend, country Victoria. “I remember sneaking out with lycra tights on,” she remembers. “My dad had forbidden I wear them, so I threw jeans on over the top and grabbed a large bag to stuff them in as soon as the car disappeared around the corner!”

Blue Light™ and PCYC will be heard on mix94.5 until the end of the year across the Breakfast, Workday and Rush Hour programs, as well as featuring on the mix94.5 Facebook page.

“This is recognition of the good work PCYC and Blue Light™ do in the community,” said Ms McAlaney. “Particularly in regional Western Australia in Aboriginal communities, where the music brings communities together.”

Blue Light™ exists through the generosity of local communities and police, managed by PCYC. The recent acquisition of Blue Light™ buses means that the program can be taken into more remote communities.

If you would like to donate and help PCYC continue to deliver inclusive and sustainable programs and activities contributing to a safer community, please click here.

To learn more about Blue Light™, click through to this page.

A big thank you to all the staff at mix94.5 FM, where mix means variety.


Blue Light is a Trademark of The Federation of Western Australian Police & Community Youth Centres. Blue Light Western Australia www.bluelight.com.au is a registered trademark of The Federation of Western Australian Police & Community Youth Centres.

Blue Light Disco is a registered Trademark of Blue Light Victoria.

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