Subiaco Tigers Wrestling Club at the WA State Championships

Subiaco PCYC Wrestlers competed at the Western Australian State Championships on Sunday, 2nd December, leaving with an impressively large stack of medals.

“Not unexpected!” says head coach Chris Samios, who has been volunteering his time and experience for 38 years at PCYC. The Wrestlers from Subiaco train hard every week, and with the guidance of the volunteer coaches, are always pulling amazing results at State and National competitions.

One of the coaches, John Geyer, has been volunteering at PCYC for nearly a year. Originally from the US, John wrestled at a very high level, and only just missed out on Olympic selection. Jonathan Tan, who coaches for the club as well, has been volunteering at PCYC for over 10 years, and was an Australian National Champion in 2005.

There’s no denying their dedication and their support of the wrestlers. “We are so fortunate to have such high caliber people train our wrestlers at Subiaco PCYC” says Chris, who is also a long-serving member of the Wrestling WA board, and Head Referee for the state organization. “Both men competed at the state championship as well, but both are very committed to developing our young athletes first and foremost.”

One of the clubs youngest wrestlers, Kilian Roberts, who is 6 years old, won Gold at the Western Australian State Championships. He also won Gold two months ago at the Youth National Championships. It is so impressive to see the amazing quality wrestlers at Subiaco PCYC. Their outstanding results are just a testament to the quality of coaching received, and the dedication of the kids themselves. Jonathan, who coaches the junior classes every week, says, “It is encouraging to see them increase their training beyond the Monday kids’ class and train with the adults as well. Although we only train twice a week at the club, they have their own training regiments for the rest of the week. As a club, we have really embraced the spirit of working hard and being creative in finding ways to train beyond the usual limitations”.

Subiaco PCYC is the only PCYC club at wrestling tournaments, and one of the smallest clubs that participate. But their small number definitely makes its mark!

PCYC is a community organisation committed to offering a wide variety of activities for young people at affordable prices. As a not-for-profit organisation, PCYC relies on the help of donors, sponsors and volunteers to keep its activities and programs operational.

For more information about the Subiaco Tigers Wrestling Club, or any other activities at Subiaco PCYC, please contact Kara Fraussen on (08) 9388 2053 or

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