Weld to Life – Graduating with dragons

Rockingham PCYC Weld to Life graduate … with dragons!

Rockingham PCYC Weld to Life students excelled in Semester Two of Weld to Life, and for a PCYC first, build their very first patio heater prototype!

But not just any old outdoor heater. Graduating last Thursday on 29 November, the students tuned into their creativity, creating an outstanding dragon-style outdoor heater (pictured). (Of course, under the watchful eyes of a qualified trainer.)

Centre Manager, Justin Sambal said their entrepreneurship is not stopping there. He explained “Different versions of the dragon, and simpler models and designs, will be developed for customers to order. They’ll include all-in-one heaters and perhaps even barbecues.”

Justin, clearly proud of the unique achievements of this class, added with a smile “However, they’ve informed us they will not be selling any knights in shining armour.”

Rockingham PCYC continues to evolve its successful Weld to Life program. Staff and volunteers, as well as the trainer, were excited for the young people attending the course because it truly does make a difference in their lives.

The Weld to Life program is an accredited 18-week course allowing young men and women the opportunity to earn their Cert I in Metals and Engineering plus a Cert I in W.O.W (Wider Opportunities for Work).

The program has been running for 11 years, traditionally targeting youth-at-risk, including many caught up in the juvenile justice system and those who are unable to cope with the traditional education model. The learning and development programs offer formal qualifications and importantly, provide much-needed structure in their lives.

Weld to Life is a collaboration between Rockingham PCYC, Department of Education and Southwest Metropolitan TAFE which this semester introduced some new concepts and some new ideas for a Phase 11 program.

This program was the first under Mr Alan Inder-Smith, a highly experienced trainer who has brought with him a range of new ideas and opportunities for Rockingham young people. His first notable initiative was to produce the dragon patio heaters. This has led to the opportunity to generate an income and make valuable use of the skills gained during the course.

As can be imagined with some fantasy and a bit of dragon fire thrown in, the boys were especially engaged during the program. With the prototype design in place and fabricated, Rockingham PCYC is working toward producing more commercially, making them available to the public via the program in 2019.

PCYC congratulates the five young men for making it through to the end. They now have the pathway needed for their successful future and the ability to go on to further education or enter the workforce, something which may not have happened had they tried to continue down the traditional education route.

In particular, we congratulate  Michael Hapeta, who won the PCYC Drive to The Future award. This provides everything Michael requires to earn his driver’s license, including 50 hours of professional driving instruction.

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