The difference a year makes

NAIDOC Kununurra

One year since establishing a PCYC in Kununurra WA Police confirm youth crime has reduced by 60%.

Whilst there are multiple contributing factors, there’s no doubt that providing children and young people with alternative options to engage in activities helps steer them away from criminal activity, often born out of boredom.

Kununurra PCYC partners with local Youth Police Officers to run an array of activities in Kununurra and Wyndham, from Basketball to Ninja nights, mixed sports and games nights.

On average, the PCYC program attracts 1,000 attendances per month from vulnerable at-risk young people who come to have fun and enjoy a healthy meal with friends.

The East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Steve Sharpe echoed Police support of the program saying, “PCYC, led by Jane Cartwright, has been the biggest single factor in achieving these massive improvements.”

PCYC CEO, David van Ooran said “We know that we have a great formula that works to engage young people and steer them in the right direction towards achieving their full potential. While there is still work to be done, the future for East Kimberley Communities is brighter than before.”


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