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About us

Our Vision

Western Australia's leading youth organisation working with the Western Australia Police Force and the community to empower children and young people to reach their potential.

Our Purpose

The Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk across Western Australia have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.

Fast Facts

Numbers based on 2022-2023

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to empower and assist disadvantaged and at-risk children and young people across Western Australia by:

  • getting young people active in life;
  • working with young people to develop their skills, character and leadership;
  • reducing and preventing anti-social behaviour and crime by and against young people:
  • providing a safe environment for young people;
  • engaging with young people on their terms; and
  • working effectively and constructively with the Western Australian Police Force, communities and other organisations.

The Difference We Make

Throughout 2022-23 we recorded over 302,000 attendances to our Centres across the state. Since we began in 1941, children and young people have joined PCYC for many reasons.

Some children come to enjoy after school care activities, some seek comfort from challenging home or school environments, and some are referred to PCYC by the Western Australia Police Force, the Department of Education or the Juvenile Justice System to take part in diversionary programs, alternative learning courses or just as a safe place to hang out.

Across WA, we’re working hard to ensure there is a PCYC Centre or outreach activity where children need our services.

We’re proud to have Centres across the state, from Albany to Broome and many in-between, partnering with the Police to serve the community and create opportunities for children and young people. We also support 60 Blue Light WA™ Units for children to access fun activities in a safe environment in remote and regional areas where there is no PCYC Centre.

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