About Us

Established in Western Australia in 1941, The Federation of Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) is a not-for-profit organisation that creates opportunities for young people through the delivery of two broad youth services: development (intervention) programs and recreational activities.

We operate in excess of 50 PCYC Centres and Blue Light Units throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia, as well as one recreational camp facility.

Offering young people the opportunity to participate in healthy and safe recreational activities has always been a strong foundation of WA PCYC’s service to the community.

WA PCYC currently operates 7 Centres in the Perth Metropolitan area and 12 Centres in Regional Western Australia, as well as camp facility in Mornington in the South West, along with numerous Blue Light Centres.

Attendance rates show there is a strong need for WA PCYC and the services we offer. Approximately 360,000 attendances are recorded at WA PCYC and Blue Light activities each year. WA PCYC offers in excess of 130 activities and programs and has over 400 volunteers assisting the organisation throughout the state.

WA PCYC is different to other organisations delivering youth services because of our partnership with the Western Australia Police. Police Officers work with our organisation, referring young offenders and youth-at-risk to our programs, which plays a significant role in early intervention and crime prevention.