About Us

The Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) exist so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk across Western Australia have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that children should do.

Throughout 2018-19 we recorded over 350,000 attendances to our Centres across the state. Some come to enjoy recreational or personal development activities, some as a safe place to go in the evening, and some are referred by schools, the Western Australia Police Force or the Juvenile Justice System to take part in alternate learning or diversionary programs.

Issues facing youth today are complex and we know that many misdemeanors are born out of boredom or disadvantage, so PCYC provides a range of programs and activities with the aim of keeping children and young people active and engaged so that they can reach their potential and stay on a positive life path.

Wherever children or young people are referred from, we make it our mission to ensure they feel valued, listened to and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.