Blue Light Youth Activity Units offer activities for young people in an environment free from anti-social behaviour, drugs and alcohol. Blue Light Youth Activity events are supervised by WA Police Officers and volunteer community members.

This includes different events such as abseiling, rollerblading, discos, pool parties, movie marathons, team sports and adventure camps – just to name a few. These activities give local police, young people, parents and other community members the opportunity to interact regularly and constructively.

Blue Light Youth Activities are delivered all throughout Western Australia and approximately 60,000 young people annually attend Blue Light Youth Activities state-wide.

The Blue Light Association and the Federation of WA Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) amalgamated under the banner of WA PCYC on July 1, 2006 and has proven to be an excellent initiative in continuing to develop the relationship between police, young people and the community.

Blue Light Youth Activities provide young people with positive lifestyle alternatives and strategies to avoid becoming an offender or victim of crime through positive interaction with police, youth workers and community volunteers. They also aim to reduce the incidence of crime involving young people and encourage responsible citizenship.