Serpentine PCYC exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk in the Serpentine area have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.

Serpentine PCYC is known as a safe, welcoming and family-friendly community meeting place. In operation since 2007, Serpentine PCYC is a close-knit community Centre supported by local families in the region.

The scope of the Serpentine PCYC is smaller than other Centres, solely running a Gymnastics and Camo Play Program

Serpentine PCYC Gymnastics Term 4 Fees 

Serpentine PCYC is a registered ‘KidSport Club’ and accepts KidSport vouchers for Gymnastics.
Email us for more information on enrolling in this activity.