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Art emerges as Collie's cultural connection

Published: February 21, 2017 12:00am
Collie PCYC has begun teaming up with Collie Art Gallery’s Collie PCYC youth on an excursion with Collie Art Gallery's Emergence project. Emergence project to encourage the town’s young people to engage with art. The Emergence project uses art as a form of therapy and is delivered by qualified facilitators. Collie PCYC Centre Manager Linda Gallagher said that art could be used as a way to engage youth with topics such as mental health, depression, anger, trauma and suicide. “One of the biggest problems the youth of Collie face is a lack of cultural identity and connection, and Collie PCYC has been trying to help reconnect the youth to their culture by providing excursions to local points of interest. An elder accompanies us on these excursions to share stories on why the area we are visiting is culturally significant.” Mrs Gallagher continued, “One of these excursions was down to the Wardan Aboriginal Centre in Yallingup, and while there, the change in the youth was profound. Their smiles became real and genuine and they had an absolute ball.” Collie PCYC youth on an excursion with Collie Art Gallery's Emergence project.Mrs Gallagher said that the participants had relayed how much they enjoyed the experience, saying that they were now asking to go back soon! “It is a lovely feeling when we hit the nail on the head in regards to programs, delivering it when and where it is needed, allowing the results to be seen and felt.” “So”, Mrs Gallagher laughed, “who would like to fund our next trip?” The Collie PCYC Safe Sanctuary program runs Friday afternoons during the school term from 2.45pm– 8.00pm. For more information about the program, or how you can help support it, please call Collie PCYC Centre Manager Linda Gallagher on (08) 9734 5767 or email