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Astounding Results for Aboriginal School Based Training Program

Published: December 03, 2017 12:00am
Commencing at Midland PCYC in May of this year the Aboriginal School Based Training Program has since concluded with some astounding results. 5 students from Hampton Senior High School enrolled in the Certificate I in Leadership Program which ran every Friday until the end of the year. Throughout the program the students worked hard on developing their problem solving, teamwork and communication skills as well as actively volunteering, participating in team projects and completing the Provide First Aid Course. The students completed numerous tasks and overcome many challenges along the way and were encouraged to be positive role models and promote their culture. These students were invited to perform an indigenous cultural dance presentation at Kensington PCYC for their NAIDOC Week activities and also to local members and distinguished guests at the opening of the refurbished PCYC at Midland. Students introduced themselves to the visitors at the centre and completed an enthralling dance which was well received by all. To be successful in completing the Certificate I in Leadership, students are to plan and execute a team project which includes volunteering for their local community. These students decided on running a sausage sizzle at their High School and the funds raised would go towards providing branded jumpers for their Aboriginal Dance Group. Students did a fantastic job in the planning and execution of the project and whilst the end result was not what was planned the students were able to identify the strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement and what they would do differently if they were to do the project again. Overall the project was a huge success in terms of equipping the students with an introduction of small business operations they can take and build on in the future. The course was delivered to the students by a couple of different trainers but they especially took a liking too and built a strong rapport with their current trainer, Frances Burns. It is wonderful to see such positive feedback come through about our Trainers. Selecting suitably qualified trainers that have a genuine passion and desire to teach, especially young people at risk is critical for the success of the program and Frances has proven this by the 100% completion rate. Frances quoted “As a trainer I have been assisted in the role by the flexible learning environment, the outings and hand on activities each week that build interests from the students perspective, the learning environment being associated with tasks such as orienteering and excursions to assist to motivate was crucial as the learners then take the information from the society in which we live” “To fellow Trainers and Managers I would encourage everyone to guide the students towards further education by positive experiences and varied activities to motivate and inspire. If anyone would happen to have any contacts with workplaces who would have students for work placement for a week please contact me at” Over the duration of the program the students completed self-development plans and questionnaires to assist them to find further study and or employment opportunities. Three of the students have been successful in obtaining Government Traineeships which will commence in 2018 and 2 students have enrolled for further studies. These results highlight the positive impact this program has had for these students and the High school plans to continue on with Certificate I Leadership training in 2018. Congratulations and good luck to all graduating students.