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Business brings light to WA children

Published: July 20, 2018 12:00am
For many years, Western Australia’s WA PCYC has shone a light on the lives of thousands of special needs children and children at risk across the state by hosting live events. Known as the Children’s Festival, three events are held across Geraldton, Albany, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Perth throughout the year. Razzamatazz, Circus Quirkus and The World of Magic bring joy to young lives that might not otherwise experience a colourfully produced show. It is thanks to the generosity of businesses and individuals across the state that the magic happens. In 2017 alone, 8,263 tickets were sponsored and presented to children and their carers, from the ill to those facing financial hardship. WA PCYC are proud hosts of these sought-after events. Paul Ferguson, interim WA PCYC CEO, said of the events, “It’s always about the children, but there are additional benefits. After the costs of running such large productions, venue hire and staffing, WA PCYC are given what has amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as part proceeds from the tickets. This contribution is put back directly into providing services in the community that help intervene in young persons’ lives and engage them, creating safer and happier neighbourhoods.” Perth’s next event, Circus Quirkus, will be staged at the Perth’s Convention and Exhibition Centre on 19 August with the year’s grand finale, The World of Magic, coming to Perth and Kalgoorlie in December. Over 26,000 children have had the opportunity to be enchanted since 2014 as the stage comes to life, creating memories that last a lifetime. To sponsor a child or group of special needs children or youth at risk in 2018, sponsorship starts at just $60.00. Tickets include GST and are fully tax deductible. Details of upcoming shows can be found on the WA PCYC website. If you wish to arrange for a special needs children’s group to receive tickets, please call 1800 727 857 to register your interest. For sponsorship, please call 1800 727 857 or email , letting them know whether you are interested in Kalgoorlie or Perth in 2018. Additionally, WA PCYC in Geraldton, Albany and Bunbury will be hosting events in 2019.