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Carnarvon Holiday Program Helps Reduce Crime

Published: February 23, 2018 12:00am
The Carnarvon School Holiday Program during the December and January holidays proved to be a huge success, with Local crime statistics during the school holiday period illustrating a significant reduction as compared to the previous year’s holiday period. The program was a collaboration between Carnarvon PCYC and the Shire of Carnarvon Youth Outreach to offer a variety of activities over the 3 week period in the early afternoons and late evenings to help keep youth entertained. Statistics showed that there were 166 incidents reported to Police during the school holiday period as compared to 321 incident reports during the previous year when there were no programs in place, indicating a massive deduction of 155 reported incidents. Youth Crime Intervention Officer (YCIO) Brenton Uphill, the primary officer involved in coordination and facilitation of the school holiday program commented “These statistics include incidents that are both juvenile and adult related. It’s difficult to measure how many juvenile related offences were diverted as a result of the holiday program; however, I would be certain that juvenile crime was reduced significantly as a direct result of the six week program”. “Crime statistics are significantly lower than the same time during the 2016-2017 Christmas holidays where no program was in place. Further, as the program ceased each night at approximately 10:00pm resulting in youth being dropped off to their respected homes, this minimised them returning to the streets, wandering around committing further offences. I strongly believe, that if this program was not organised, juvenile crime would be significantly higher” Said Constable Uphill. A wide variety of activities were available to youth through partnership and involvement from the Carnarvon Yacht Club who facilitated sailing lessons, Art and Craft coordinated by Centacare, generous support from the Carnarvon Community College for allowing unlimited use of their recreation centre as well as Jakunara Patrol for offering free bus services for youth and their families participating in the activities. Other activities included games and fishing on the Fascine Foreshore, basketball, dodge ball, pool days, skate boarding workshops, movie days, rip stick and roller skating, as well as discos. Each of the activities encouraged youth to get outside of their comfort zone while learning new skills, develop new friendships and having fun. Centre Manager, Benita Donda said “The success of the school holiday program would not have been possible without the generous donation of $5,000 from Rio Tinto Dampier Salt, significant in-kind support of our local Woolworths who donated food to support the entire school holiday program, Kingsford Bakery for their endless supply of bread and buns, IGA for providing food vouchers and the local community church who provided bounty full of seasonal fruit.” “It is fantastic to see parents, volunteers, other community sporting clubs and community organisations involvement and support during the school holiday program offering their services, skills, resources and time for the local youth.” Carnarvon PCYC also acknowledged the local Youth Crime Intervention Officers for their utmost support afforded throughout the entire school holiday program. “Our YCIO’s not only coordinated each of the evening activities, but went above and beyond in approaching local businesses seeking support for the program, transporting youth to and from venues and assisting with cooking and cleaning following activities. Their efforts in keeping youth and the neighbourhood safe during the holidays were appreciated immensely.” Said Benita Donda. If you’d like to learn more about the Carnarvon PCYC School Holiday programs, contact the centre today on 9941 4116 or email