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Collie PCYC youth love their town in new rap song

Published: November 13, 2018 12:00am
Collie PCYC young people have gone to town about their town, creating a rap song to celebrate their community and PCYC. "PCYC is an integral part of their town," says Centre Manager, Linda Gallagher. "I was so excited when they came to me with the song. It shows how important not only PCYC is in their lives, but their connection to Collie and each other." The video clip, filmed and edited by Collie youth, even features the rather nimble Officer in Charge of Collie Police, Heath Soutar, who trips across the Collie basketball court with a cheeky grin (showing a bit of flare with the basketball), bopping his head in time to the catchy beat. WAPOL is encouraging closer connections between their members and the communities they serve in and are PCYC's key partner in preventing crimes to and against young people and children across the state. PCYC CEO David van Ooran said of the video, "It's exactly what PCYC is about; empowering young people, bringing the community together, so that young people and children can reach their potential. This is a great - and fun - example of how engaged children have fun and can even get a bit of fame." The video has already made it to mainstream media, featuring in local newspapers and attracting positive community comment. The video was put together by a large group of young people: Raymond Ugle, the Mears family - Christian, David and Tahnaya - Tamiah Hart, Wyntah Cleeve, Joshua Lankford, Bear Milne, Charlie McDonald, Amelia Ashley and TROOTH. Ryan Samuels, aka MC Trooth from hip hop youth outreach program Reach1 Teach1, led the 10-week program resulting in the video.

PCYC Centre case manager Louise Harnett told South Western Times (a paper of The West) that Mr Samuels ran programs for at-risk youth, with each session teaching the children a new topic.

“Every session they learnt about something new, so it was either about bullying, racism or personal integrity and from week six to week 10, they actually made their own rap song,” Miss Harnett said.

“In the final week we recorded it and we went around Collie to the different spots they talked about in the song.”

PCYC Centre administration assistant Kirsty Milne said the song focussed on everything the kids loved about their town. She told South Western Times, “It really shows what they appreciate about our town and makes us open our eyes as adults to the things we take for granted.

“It has been a fantastic experience for each and every one of us.

“We think a lot of people are going to be really excited about it – it is a happy, good vibes song. It really shows the positive side to Collie.

“It will be something for the children to look back on and when they are famous – hopefully they will remember Collie PCYC.”

We are sure that these children feel a huge sense of pride in not only creating an original song, but in the overwhelming support and pride their town is wrapping around them for their achievement. PCYC Programs are funded by donations, grants and assisted largely by volunteers. Activities and programs are for all the community, developing young people and contributing to safer, healthier and happier communities. Judging by the smiles on these faces, Collie PCYC has helped engage not just this group of young people, but their entire town. To get involved in Collie PCYC, call 08 9734 5767. Please see the PCYC website for more information on other PCYC centres making a difference in WA.