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Kalgoorlie PCYC gymnasts benefit from local funding

Published: December 04, 2017 12:00am
Kalgoorlie PCYC gymnasts are reaping the benefits from funding of gymnastics equipment upgrade funding from the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission Regional Grants Scheme. The project replaced old gymnastics equipment at Kalgoorlie PCYC with safe, new industry standard equipment and facilities to improve the capacity at which Kalgoorlie PCYC can offer safe, high-level gymnastics and parkour programs to community members, and to maintain local participation in these activities. The new equipment has allowed Kalgoorlie PCYC gymnasts the ability to remain competitive in local and state-wide gymnastics competitions, giving gymnasts the opportunity to elevate their skills and more into higher competitions. The equipment grant has also enabled Kalgoorlie PCYC to expand the number of classes on offer and in turn increase participation rates, per class, engaging more youth in healthy and exciting activities, such as gymnastics and parkour. These activities continue to improve the long-term physical and emotional health of local youth, and foster the development of skills in order to assist in building youth confidence.