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Robert Walters Bake Sale Supports PCYC

Published: September 24, 2020 12:00am

There is no doubt PCYC children and young people of WA would have loved to be at the Robert Walters recruitment office on 12 October for their annual bake sale, but this time, the cakes were making money to change lives and, on this occasion, were for employees only. The specialist recruitment company raised around $1,000 selling baked goods to staff at their St Georges Terrace office. Director Ryan Hathrill described the day as a way for staff to contribute meaningfully to the Western Australian youth, children and youth-at-risk while having a bit of fun. "Staff bring in homemade baked goods and from 9AM through to 11AM, they are sold by gold coin donation." There must have been a few gold coins flying; $1,000 is an awful lot of cakes! "Workplace giving is a great way to support PCYC programs and activities," explains David van Ooran, PCYC CEO. "Robert Walters have turned it into an engaging activity, which is just what PCYC is all about - engaging communities in activities to bring people together to change lives." Of course, if baking isn't your thing, you can still contribute. A regular, pre-tax donation through your payroll system is a quick and effective way to support PCYC throughout the year. Simply contact PCYC to make arrangements to set up WA PCYC as your preferred charity. We hope the staff enjoyed their morning tea and thank them for making a difference in the lives of Western Australian young people and children.