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Share your PCYC story

Published: October 29, 2018 12:00am

Do you have a PCYC story to tell? Were you part of the basketball or boxing team in the 70s, a volunteer, or perhaps heading off the rails and steered back on the right track? If so, we want to hear your story! Whether it is recollections of a child whose life was changed, or whether you are that child, your story matters. It can inspire others to know they haven't walked alone, and it reminds us all of PCYC's 'why'.

Sometimes, we hear about the difference we are making by emails from volunteers or parents, like this one that arrived in Marketing's inbox this morning:
I never knew what went on at PCYC until I started coming and volunteering. Now I see why our kids love coming here so much. All they talk about at home is coming to PCYC. The kids change when they walk in your doors, they are happy, they love it here. Every single one is better for being here (Collie PCYC)

Dianne B - Noongar Elder (October 2018) on Collie PCYC

Feedback like this makes us smile because it sums up our 'why'. Linda Gallagher, Centre Manager for Collie, said, "Wow! (The comment) reaches far deeper than most...Dianne has been popping in since June to help out in our kitchen." So, Dianne is seeing firsthand the difference being made in the lives of young people in Collie. In September, a parent wrote to Midland PCYC Centre Manager, Jackie Abbott:
From the time of entering (PCYC) ... there has been a noticeable improvement in my son's behaviour, attitude and mannerisms. (He) was heading down a very troubled path where he would be crossing paths with the WA Police and the courts for all the wrong reasons. Without (PCYC) my son would have only struggled even further and ended up time and time again on the wrong side of the law. Educating and interaction with young people cannot be easy at times but a simple and compassionate approach towards allowing them to feel safe and advising that they are not alone can only be an advantage for all involved and the community also.
Senior Marketing Advisor Clare McAlaney, who often receives the comments, feedback and stories via centre managers, explains, "While focus on statistical outcomes is essential to ensure our programs and activities are making a difference, it's worth taking time to pause and reflect on the words of thanks we receive. They really do make a difference because they let us know we are pushing in the right direction, changing lives, creating safe spaces for our younger population to thrive and grow. "It is about the people - the young people, children and their families - whom we focus on, helping build happier, healthier and safer communities." She adds, "Thank you for the thank yous. From all of us at WA PCYC, they mean a lot and speak volumes." If you or a member of your family has benefited from engagement of any kind from PCYC over our 76-year history, we want to hear from you! Please share your stories or send a name and phone number we can call you on to It doesn't matter if it was last week or last century. Your stories and the history of PCYC are as important as the futures of the lives we are changing.