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Smiles of Joy for Latest Raffle Winner

Published: July 25, 2018 12:00am
It was a delighted and happy family who joined interim CEO Paul Ferguson and marketing team, Clare McAlaney and Samantha Pengler, to collect first prize in the most recent WA PCYC raffle. Mr Guy Tan and his wife and son Jaylee (Jay) enthusiastically received the cheque, saying that it would go toward home expenses, along with donation a portion to their church and another charity. Photos were snapped to send home. “It’s such a large amount,” said Mr Tan, “of course we give some back (to the community).” Head Office staff were particularly taken by the cuteness of Jay, who happily held the cheque high above his head. “It’s Daddy’s present!” he cheekily smiled, but was too shy to put on his brand new WA PCYC cap for the photo. This is the 23rd raffle WA PCYC have run since 2010, generating over $4 million in total which has been invaluable in delivering life changing programs for youths throughout Western Australia. Mr Ferguson said, “These funds help create programs that often intervene in the lives of young people who are at risk or in need, giving a hand up to help them redirect their focus so they can become valued members of the community.” The 24th raffle will commence in August. If you have subscribed to WA PCYC raffles, you will receive communication shortly. For anyone who may have sent in their raffle purchase form too late for the draw, we will be in touch soon. Raffle sales will be coming ‘online’ to make it easier for our valued supporters to purchase tickets. If you have any questions at all about the raffle, please call 08 9277 4388 during business hours Monday to Friday (8am – 4pm). Thank you to the thousands of Western Australians who have supported WA PCYC and big congratulations to all of the winners. Good luck for the next raffle draw, which will be in November 2018. Winners were announced online and will be published in The West today, Monday 25 July 2018.