Junior Darts Academy

Darts is an awesome game for young people. It’s easy to play, inexpensive to set up at home and can really help develop basic mathematics.

Our Junior Darts Academy is the first of its kind in WA being the only proper junior competition. We work closely with the senior darts associations of Rockingham, Kwinana, Port Kennedy and Mandurah in helping the kids learn and develop their skills.

Affiliated with Darts WA, our members have the opportunity to play in State competitions and represent WA at a National level.

Are there different levels?

No, but we do try and grade the teams as best we can and play a variety of games so that everyone has an equal chance of contributing.


$25.00 Annual Rockingham PCYC Membership applies plus:

Weekly Session Fees of $7.00

Time Table

Sundays           10.00 am – 1.00 pm

*Note – classes are not held during school holidays or on public holidays and some classes may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Come and try sessions will run from 3rd December – 17th December and again from 14th January – 28th January, before allocating teams and starting a 20 week fixture competition.

How do I get started?

Please contact the office on (08) 9592 1232 and speak with Centre Manager Justin Sambell for more information.


When attending any activity, all junior members of PCYC must be dropped off and picked up within the building by a parent or carer. Members who ride bikes etc. to and from the centre will need to provide a note to their respective coach or coordinator