What We Do

WA PCYC creates opportunities for young people through the delivery wide range of services.

Our current programs help young people develop skills which will help them in adult life. This may include, healthy eating/cookery, personal hygiene, drug and alcohol misuse and social skills, applying for learner’s permits and driver training.

Our centres provide a safe place for young people to meet and the opportunity to participate in and try new activities. Many of our centres provide young people with access to youth workers who can help identify their needs, or refer them to other agencies and services for the appropriate support.

We offer a wide range of recreational activities such as structured team sports and leisure activities such as basketball, boxing, cricket, football, gymnastics, etc. Our recreational activities provide a great way for young people to be active community members and learn new skills, and are open to all young people. The primary purpose is simply to provide an avenue for safe and healthy engagement for all.

We also offer accredited training programs for young people that are disengaged from traditional education and that do not yet have the skills or desire to enter the workforce or other mainstream training programs. These programs focus on young people who are disengaged from traditional education and we seek to provide a pathway to either employment or reengagement with formal training or education.