At present, the Police Rangers Program operates a mixed model, some operating out of schools and some from PCYC Centres.

We know that the Police Rangers is a much-loved program. To ensure its long-term viability, the potential for Police Rangers that currently operate out of PCYC Centres to be transitioned to local schools is being considered.

The WA Police has appointed a ‘Police Ranger Coordinator’ who will commence work with external partners to investigate where a transition to a local school is a viable option for each unit. If this decision is confirmed, it is envisaged that transitions will be complete by 30th June 2021. Police Rangers will continue to operate as normal out of PCYC Centres in the meantime.

We know everyone loves their Police Rangers program so further updates will be provided as soon as more information is available.



Police Rangers is an adventure-based, youth development activity, funded by Cadets WA and operated by the Western Australian Police Force and PCYC. Police Rangers is open to all young people of high school age – not just those interested in becoming a Police Officer.

Police Ranger Units operate at 10 PCYC locations and select secondary schools throughout Western Australia. The Program is structured on the Western Australia Police Force ranking system. Promotion is achieved when Police Rangers complete set tasks – providing participants with a sense of achievement.

The Program is designed to increase self-confidence, team-building skills and self-esteem. Police Rangers learn first aid and other emergency skills and take part in bushcraft, survival procedures, abseiling, climbing, exploring, orienteering, drill techniques, archery, bushwalking, camping and much more.

Police Rangers undertake a range of training that covers basic first aid, bush survival, navigation, marching, radio communication, memory recognition, forensics and physical training.

Police Rangers also participate in excursions such as an adventure camp where the Rangers take part in indoor and outdoor activities.

The training programs for First Class Ranger and Senior Ranger are currently endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority of Western Australia and enable Rangers who successfully meet the course standards to gain points towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Police Rangers also have the opportunity each year to take part in community events such as ANZAC Day, Police Remembrance Day, WA Day flag raising ceremony at Government House and a number of PCYC fundraising initiatives.

Funding is made available through Cadets WA, meaning that this activity is offered free of charge (with the exception of special unit events).

WA PCYC Police Ranger Units

Unit Unit Leader Address Phone Email
Albany PCYC Joanne Rose 77 Sanford Road
Albany WA 6330
9842 1716 albanyadminpcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Bunbury PCYC Mick Luplau Parade Road
Bunbury WA 6230
9795 8690 bunburypcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Collie PCYC Emma Whiteaker 105 Forrest Street
Collie WA 6225
9734 5767 colliepcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Ellenbrook Geoffrey Harvey Managed by
Midland PCYC
9274 1918 midlandpcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Geraldton PCYC Brie-anne Mauger 105 Pass Street
Wonthella WA 6530
9921 1317 geraldtonpcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Gosnells PCYC Joseph Mineards 17 Royal Street
Kenwick WA 6107
9459 1168 gosnellspcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Kalgoorlie PCYC Marisa Kate Johnson 198 Egan Street
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
9021 1076 kalgoorliepcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Midland PCYC Dave Smith 11 Byers Road
Midland WA 6056
9274 1918 midlandpcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Rockingham PCYC Martin Chircop Emma Street
Rockingham WA 6168
9592 1232 rockinghampcyc@wapcyc.com.au
Subiaco PCYC Sam Collins 450 Rokeby Road
Subiaco WA 6008
9388 2053 subiacopcyc@wapcyc.com.au