Ice Breakers, funded by the Mental Health Commission (WA) is a 12 week non-residential rehabilitation program, that supports people moving from crystal methamphetamine (ice) dependence into recovery. WA PCYC also provides a support group for parents and families of individuals battling ice addiction.

The program is currently delivered at Albany PCYC, with group sessions Thursday and Friday from 12:00pm – 2:00pm.

News Update

WA PCYC will cease managing the Ice Breakers drug rehabilitation program once current funding expires in March 2020.

WA PCYC CEO, David van Ooran, explained “We are proud of the achievements of the Ice Breakers program to date, but in line with our core purpose WA PCYC will focus on building more programs and activities at Albany PCYC for children and young people in the Great Southern region.”

Mr van Ooran stated it is WA PCYC’s hope that the Ice Breakers program will continue, and that PCYC will provide support where possible to transition the program to a suitably experienced drug and alcohol rehabilitation provider.

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