Off the Rails

Off the Rails, is an intervention program that prevents young people within Armadale and the surrounding suburbs from travelling the Armadale Perth train line and congregating in large groups on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at Northbridge and other city location ‘hot spots’. The initiative aims to divert youth into structures and supervised activities during these high risk times.

Off the Rails is open to all young people aged 8 – 10 years of age, and is delivered by qualified youth workers in consultation and supported by the WA Police Force. The program provides youth with a drop-off and pick-up service, food, interactive sporting and other activities supported by experienced youth workers who provide guidance, mentoring and referral to relevant programs and activities to ensure re-engagement. Participants are engaged in activities which build skills is personal development,
self-esteem, self-confidence as well as skills in physical activities.

The program, funded by the State Labor Governments Local Projects, Local Jobs program and administered by the WA Police Force, is currently delivered at Gosnells PCYC, with and average of 40 participants per session per week, run over 45 weeks from 1 November 2017 – 31st October 2018, with an extension to 31st March 2019.

The program has seen great results in reducing antisocial behavior and offending amongst participants and has see an increase in the number of young people (who are known or potential offenders) re-engaging with education and the community.