Youth Mentoring

These are opportunities where people are able to share their skills and experiences with other people who attend programs. They take on the role of a senior member/mentor to their peers.


Carnarvon PCYC – Men’s Group Mentoring Program

The Carnarvon Community Men’s Shed group provides a culturally safe space for local Indigenous men to connect and talk. The Carnarvon Men’s Shed Group is driving a joint venture with the Justice system and consists of several Carnarvon Elders whom meet at the PCYC on a weekly basis. It also acts as a forum for Indigenous male Elders to plan activities for local youth and to devise strategies to divert young people from crime.

Past activities organised by the men’s group included a series of successful bush camping trips for boys and girls, providing the opportunity to become culturally aware and understand the consequences of actions and making positive life choices.

Aimed at 12 – 18 years youth at risk, the program also aims to improve relationships, decrease offending and antisocial behaviour, as well assist in improving social development.