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About us

Our History

Over 80 years of supporting Western Australian children and young people


PCYC was founded by Police Commissioner William John Mackay in 1937 with the help of the Rotary organisation.


Establishment in WA

The Western Australian Police and Community Youth Centres (WA PCYC) was established in 1941 as the Police Boy’s Club with the aim of providing guidance and structure to boys while their fathers were away at war and their mothers were busy working.

PCYC centres were originally sports focused, being a popular place for children and young people to go to participate in activities such as boxing and gymnastics. Diversionary programs were later developed to ensure young people remained active and engaged so that they could stay on a positive life path.


Creation of alternative education

In 1994, WA PCYC introduced accredited training programs dedicated to young people who need alternative learning options to traditional school.

Change of name

In 2005, PCYC changed its name from the Police and Citizens Youth Clubs to Police and Community Youth Centres to better represent the service provided to young people within Western Australia and the broader multi-cultural community.

Over the years the Western Australia Police Force has continued to be our key partner, playing a prominent role in supporting the recreational activities and alternative education and training programs we offer to vulnerable children and young people at risk.

Institute of Training

In 2020, the Learning and Development department is rebranded as the PCYC Institute of Training (IOT).


We have 16 Centres operating throughout Western Australia offering a vast range of recreational activities, diversionary programs and alternative education and training opportunities, plus 60 Blue Light WA™ Units in remote and rural areas where there is no PCYC Centre.