Fremantle PCYC exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk in the Fremantle area have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.

With over 6,500 attendances each month, Fremantle PCYC is our busiest Centre across Western Australia. Operating in its current location since 1976, Fremantle PCYC runs a vast array of sporting and recreational programs, joint initiatives and projects with schools and local community service groups in the area.

Gymnastics is the most popular recreational program on offer at Fremantle PCYC.

Fremantle PCYC also provides core programs such as safeSPACE, a youth crime intervention program that provides young people aged 7 to 17 years with a safe place to hang out with their friends – as an alternative to hanging out in the streets.

Fremantle PCYC aims to offer young people an opportunity to develop self-reliance, independence and confidence in order to grow as courteous and considerate community members.

Fremantle PCYC is a registered ‘KidSport Club’ and accepts KidSport vouchers for gymnastics.

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