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New equipment and trailers

PCYC have worked hard to deliver over 20 new audio sets to Blue Light™ locations across WA. Glow sticks, wristbands, and portable BBQs have also been delivered, with some units receiving pallets of donated water.

Existing Blue Light™ trailer locations have now been identified and PCYC is in the process of ensuring they are all in good condition, with fresh paint, waiting to be re-branded with the new Blue Light™ logo.

With 13 existing trailers within WA, this process is underway but may take some time due to the vast distance Blue Light™ covers. PCYC appreciates all the assistance various areas have provided to help coordinate this.

Seven new trailers have also been purchased for some Blue Light™ areas and PCYC is excited to see them completed and rolled out before the end of the year.