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Celebrating PCYC’s Change Makers for National Volunteer Week

Published: May 29, 2023 5:06pm

Over 170 volunteers dedicate their time to supporting, teaching and helping children and young people at PCYC. Throughout our history, volunteers have made a significant impact, building relationships and imparting knowledge to thousands of children across WA.

In honour of National Volunteer Week, CEO Peter Tranter recognised and thanked all the volunteers at PCYC, “We are incredibly grateful for all the volunteers at PCYC who choose to spend their time transforming the lives of children and young people.

“The theme of 2023 National Volunteer Week was ‘Change Makers’ and this describes our volunteers perfectly as they create meaningful changes in young people’s lives by coaching them, supporting them, and helping make PCYC a welcoming and safe environment.”

Here are just some of our incredible PCYC Change Makers:

Bunbury PCYC

15-year-old Prisha assists the basketball coaches in the Aussie Hoops program on Monday nights in Bunbury. She is extremely motivated and determined to help her community, evident from when she first reached out to Bunbury PCYC to see if there was anything she could do to help.

Bunbury Centre Manager Katie stated, “She is such a diligent and conscientious person. We are so proud of her achievements in the Aussie Hoops program. Her dedication to helping children shone through when she agreed to help coach basketball despite having no prior experience in the sport.”

Bunbury PCYC Prisha

Collie PCYC

The Gymnastics and Free G coaching teams at Collie PCYC are mostly volunteers who dedicate their time, skill and knowledge to help children and young people excel in these sports.

Collie PCYC Centre Manager Linda said, “All our volunteers are incredible selfless human beings whom we appreciate beyond words. Their dedication and work to develop athletes under their care is of a consistently high standard and they are always looking for creative ways that will enable their athletes to succeed.

“Collie PCYC would not be as strong as it is today without the support of all our volunteers, who create stability and trust within our small community.”

Collie PCYC FreeG coaches

Gosnells PCYC

The Gosnells PCYC family is made up of many wonderful volunteers!

Some have supported the organisation decades, like Stephen Chynoweth who is incredibly committed to PCYC and knows the Centre inside out!

Our dedicated Boxing coaches Linley, Dale and Joe, have run fun and dynamic classes for young people and adults for many years.

Beth and Mick love to share their passion for Air Rifles.

Experienced Coach David (not present for the picture) runs our Judo classes with the help of Jordan. Jordan learnt Judo at Gosnells PCYC and fought his way over the years to win a multitude of championship medals - it only makes sense that he has now become a PCYC Coach himself!

Friendly Soon, who also helps out at Midland PCYC, comes to our safeSPACE Program to lend a hand.

Finally, mother and daughter duo Serena and Jayne assist in Gymnastics classes, along with Liza and Charlie. It brought us great joy to ring the bell to stop the class and give them a proper acknowledgement, followed by a round of applause from the participants!

Midland PCYC

Soon and Gurpreet help run the Stepping Stones Certificate program. Recently, they assisted the students in the sculpture-making workshop run by the 2023 Sculptures by the Sea Manager, Andrea Tenger, and Perth artist Tania Ferrier.

Soon and Gurpreet Midland PCYC

Rockingham PCYC

Bruce runs the J-Fit program at Rockingham PCYC where he fosters a culture of strength and empowerment for his students. Despite coming from a strict martial arts background, he is a gentle giant! He is very patient with all the young people and helps support them through the different challenges they face both in class and out in the real world.

Rockingham PCYC J-FiT