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Collie PCYC launches official Ninja Program!

Published: April 24, 2024 8:56am

Last week, Collie PCYC proudly unveiled its impressive Ninja Program, following the installation of a brand new obstacle course.

Since 2019, the team at Collie PCYC has shown a keen interest in involving young people in the sport. With the dedicated support of staff, several remarkable young athletes have reached the Youth Ninja Finals at State, National and even World levels.

Before the launch of the Ninja Program, athletes had to rely on makeshift obstacles or travel to Perth to access a Ninja course. Now, with their very own Ninja course at PCYC, the sky’s the limit for our athletes!

During the launch, Collie’s young people eagerly demonstrated their impressive skills to the crowd, proving they have no fear when it comes to even the trickiest of obstacles.

The unveiling of new equipment marks an opportunity for many young people in Collie to get involved in the sport. Not only is it a great way for young people to stay active, but it also allows them to set and achieve physical goals for themselves.

Collie PCYC Centre Manager, Linda Gallagher expressed her pride in having such an impressive set-up in her Centre, stating, “Now our young people have an even playing field with the rest of the Ninja athletes; they can achieve anything!”

Reflecting on the journey with Ninja, Collie PCYC Youth Worker, Kristy Milne, remarked “It is so fantastic to see our young people achieving their goals in a sport that has so much to offer. Seeing their pride after they complete obstacles is invaluable".

Our sincerest appreciation goes out to the Department of Communities for funding the Ninja equipment and making this unique sport accessible to young people in the region.

We can’t wait to see where this new opportunity takes our budding athletes!