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Collie PCYC’s Oscar heads to National Ninja Challenge League Finals in Melbourne

Published: June 01, 2023 11:49am

Congratulations to 10-year-old Oscar from Collie PCYC who heads to Melbourne in October 2023 to compete in the Ninja Challenge League Finals after crushing his qualifier round in Perth.

Oscar competed in the pre-teen division at the Ninja Challenge League Qualifier held at Joondalup Bounce in May.

Similar to Australian Ninja Warrior, athletes in a Ninja Challenge League competition are presented with an unseen course consisting of various obstacles they must complete. Competitors have one attempt to clear the course and are ranked based on who gets the furthest in the fastest time.

Despite playing in a soccer match in Collie earlier that day, Oscar was energetic and determined. He had a ‘never give up’ attitude and persevered through many of the obstacles.

The first obstacle in the qualifiers required Oscar to make it across a group of vertical poles (picture a bamboo forest-style layout) without touching the ground. At one point he was a hairsbreadth from the floor but, amazingly, Oscar managed to lift himself back up and make it through.

It was a team effort to get Oscar through the qualifiers. He was supported by the PCYC team and Coach, Kristy. Before starting the course, Oscar and one of his teammates, Layla, discussed the best strategy for each obstacle. Even in a seemingly solo sport, teamwork, one of PCYC’s core values, is encouraged and actively practised.

Oscar worked hard to pass the qualifier. His success is due to the incredible effort he has put into the sport since he started Street Ninja and Free G at Collie PCYC over two years ago.

To support the local athletes and encourage more kids to join the sport, the Department of Communities recently funded a $78,000 Ninja Challenge course at Collie PCYC.

Construction commences this month and the course will feature a variety of attachments and fixings such as monkey bars, wall grips, and chimney climbs. Once the course has been completed, Collie PCYC will be able to host a qualifier Ninja Challenge League competition next year.

Now we wish Oscar the best of luck at the finals in October, and look forward to seeing more PCYC athletes qualify for the Ninja Challenge League Finals in 2024!