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Developing special relationships

Published: December 10, 2019 12:00am

Over the past year Midland PCYC and local Police have been building a special relationship with Aboriginal young people from remote communities who attend La Salle College in Middle Swan.

The initiative between the Western Australia Police Force and PCYC aimed to build positive relationships with the Police, improving their well-being and self-esteem through taking part in a range of recreational activities and development programs.

Every Tuesday evening, the young people enjoyed activities at Midland PCYC alongside Midland Police Officers, including music sessions, arts and crafts, basketball, indoor soccer and volleyball.

It soon became clear that many of the teenagers possessed exceptional musical talent so Midland PCYC held an event, attended by the Minster for Police and Road Safety, Honourable Michelle Roberts, and the Commissioner of Police, Chris Dawson, to show off their talents.

It was a special ceremony, ending with the Police giving students personalised drumsticks so that they can continue playing the drums when they return to their remote communities, and the students presenting the Police Officers with a painting depicting dream-time stories of Ringer Soak, Billiluna, Docker River and Balgo.

Midland PCYC Manager Jackie Abbott said “It was incredible to watch these young people build their confidence and form such close relationships with the Police – not to mention finding some hidden talents.”

The program played an essential part in promoting healthy relationships with the Police and Midland PCYC look forward to running the Program again next year.