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It’s not every day that a legend turns 99

Published: April 20, 2021 2:22pm

Bill Ivory is a well-known figure in WA boxing and a PCYC legend. This April, staff from Bunbury PCYC were honored when Bill’s family invited them to attend his 99th birthday celebrations.

Bill’s journey began with PCYC as a professional boxer, training and participating in tournaments at Subiaco PCYC, formerly known as the Subiaco Police Boys Club in the 1940’s.

In 1951, seven years after retiring from boxing and returning from the war, he found his way to Bunbury PCYC.

“Cedric Macauley from Bunbury PCYC contacted me and asked if I could come down and teach boxing to some of the youngsters,” Bill said.

“It became like a second home and while I was here I mixed with a lot of good kids who needed a bit of help to get them on track.”

For the next 60 years Bill volunteered his time as a boxing coach at Bunbury PCYC, becoming an integral part of the organisation and earning a life membership in 1958. When it came to naming Bunbury’s new boxing centre in 2009, PCYC and the Bunbury community knew it had Bill’s name all over it and is still to this date, known as “The Bill Ivory Recreation Room.”

Despite retiring from his coaching position at Bunbury PCYC in 2011, Bill continues to have a strong presence at the centre and visits whenever he can.

This month Bill blew out 99 candles on his birthday cake! Local community members, family, friends and people who Bill has worked closely with over his years of coaching attended his 99th birthday party.

PCYC CEO David van Ooran even made a special trip to Bunbury to attend the momentous occasion, giving him a birthday card on behalf of PCYC.