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Jack back on track after PCYC certified training

Published: February 06, 2020 12:00am

17-year-old Jack, who dropped out of year 11, graduated from Kensington PCYC certified training, and now heads back to school to complete year 12 whilst he waits for entry into his local TAFE.

Five months ago, Jack was skipping school and smoking marijuana. When he started to fall behind he totally dropped out of year 11.

With no clear direction, or idea what to do next, Jack was referred to Kensington PCYC and enrolled into a 6-week Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation course.

This was the turning point for Jack. He suddenly found a passion for Automotive work and regained his enthusiasm to learn. Throughout the course, Jack was a dedicated student and gained practical experience in automotive retail, service and repairs.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. Without this course I would never have had the opportunity to find something I enjoy, and a career path to work towards,” Jack said.

Since graduating from the PCYC course last month, Jack has returned to school to continue his year 12 studies whilst he waits for his TAFE application to be reviewed.

Jack was among nine graduates who completed the certified Automotive course at Kensington PCYC earlier this month.

We are very proud of all our graduates and our door is always open to them!