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Kalgoorlie kids give back

Published: July 29, 2020 12:00am

Charitable acts are going full circle in Kalgoorlie, with grateful kids taking it upon themselves to help others less fortunate, with the help of Foodbank.

It all began when Kalgoorlie Youth Police Officers noticed that many children and young people were coming to safeSPACE hungry. Kalgoorlie safeSPACE operates four nights a week and provides a safe space for children to go; somewhere they can be themselves, makes friends and escape the challenges of home life for a while.

Kalgoorlie Youth Police Officers asked food-relief organisation Foodbank if they could help. Happily, they could, and offered to provide a weekly donation of fruit, milk and pantry items to safeSPACE.

The Kalgoorlie kids were so chuffed that they wanted to give something back. Now, they’re spending their evenings cooking at the centre to prepare meals for Foodbank to donate to homeless people and those in need.