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Leadership students challenge VIPs!

Published: February 25, 2022 10:50am

The Certificate I in Leadership students organised a VIP lunch event to put into practice the skills they’re learning during the course, and invitees from various backgrounds were in attendance, including City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes and Participation Coordinators from the Department of Education.

The theme of the day being teamwork, attendees were split into groups and were tasked with fun problem-solving games and riddles under the guidance of the students.

The highlight of the lunch was hearing first-hand feedback that the students had about the Institute of Training way of teaching.

Liam, 16, enjoys that the atmosphere is more relaxed than at school, where he felt the pressure “to get everything right”.

Haylee, 16, explains: “At school, there are so many people, teachers can’t adapt to everyone’s learning ability”.

She was seconded by Tahlia, 17, for whom it’s clear: “Everyone here has left school because of those reasons. We’re getting the education here because the trainers teach each student in a different way if they need it. If we don’t understand a word, they’ll take the time to explain it to us”.

When asked what she enjoys the most about the course, she answered: “Everything. We don’t speak of work as if it is ‘work’, we speak of it as if it is an activity: how can what we learn help us outside, in real life situations.”

Jonas, 17, looks forward to building up his résumé and has been inspired to join PCYC’s safeSPACETM Program as a volunteer where he’ll learn to organise activities for children aged 12-17.

Chantelle, 17, is already thinking about her future as she plans to join the Certificate I in Automotive at Kensington PCYC after graduating.

Get ready for some bright futures ahead!