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Music, Monster Trucks and More at Kalgoorlie PCYC Youth Week

Published: April 30, 2024 10:54am

During Youth Week 2024, Kalgoorlie PCYC was thrilled to welcome the Benny Mayhem Band to town.

Arriving with their iconic Monster Music Truck, the band led engaging music workshops, sharing their extensive knowledge in the industry.

Participants in PCYC’s Rock Revival Project were buzzing with excitement when they witnessed the stage pop out of the Monster Truck, where they were invited to learn drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

Being able to practice the instruments up on the big stage in front of their peers, gave our budding musicians a taste of being a rockstar. A daunting but equally thrilling experience!

The highlight of the event was receiving an incredible gift of a custom Fender guitar to PCYC by Benny Mayhem.

With Term Two back in full swing, young people are stoked to be using the guitar in their music sessions.

Thank you to the Benny Mayhem team for giving young people in Kalgoorlie the chance to get involved in unique opportunities and explore their musical interests.