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New organisational values resonate with staff

Published: May 27, 2021 10:48am

The values of Respect, Integrity, Pride, Passion and Teamwork summarise our culture at PCYC. That we are an organisation that can be trusted with the most vulnerable children and young people across the state, one that acts with the utmost integrity, whose people are passionate and proud of the work they do and understand that the best outcomes are generated when people work together towards a common goal.

Our values will help to guide our culture and act as a moral compass to guide our decision making.


  • We respect and value those we work with.
  • We respect that everyone has different opinions and encourage everyone to have a voice.
  • We build trust with the colleagues and partners we work with.


  • We act ethically in all we do.
  • We deliver on our promises. We’re open and honest, do the right thing and take personal responsibility for getting things done.


  • We’re passionate. Because children and young people are our reason.
  • We achieve great things because we combine passion with purpose.
  • We do what we love, and we do it with purpose to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children and young people in our community.


  • We’re proud of the work we do.
  • We strive for excellence every time because we know when we do, we create great outcomes for children and young people.
  • We take pride in our work and are happy to help others succeed too, because we know that’s how we have the biggest impact.


  • We work together to get things done.
  • We’re approachable and cultivate positive relationships.
  • We create a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone feels like they’re welcome.

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