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PCYC Celebrates Thank A Cop Day

Published: September 29, 2021 12:50pm

On the 19th September PCYC celebrated Thank A Cop Day, a day to recognise the exceptional work that Police Officers do.

Youth Policing Officer, Sarah Norman, has only been in Kununurra for one year but has already made a huge impact on the lives of so many young people in her community.

Sarah gets heavily involved with PCYC programs by interacting and chatting with young people, helping to prepare meals and assisting with activities.

Kununurra PCYC Programs and Partnership Manager, Rochelle Roby believes Sarah has earned the respect of the town’s young people and has helped build their trust in the police.

“She’s brilliant,” said Rochelle.

“Sarah now has bonds with young people like never before. She’s built up a great relationship with the kids.”

“She has the ability to have fun with them and she respects them. She really stops and listens to what’s going on in their lives, she understands them, she’ll drive them and do whatever she needs to do to create a relationship so she can help them more.”

Sarah not only supports PCYC but also puts an enormous amount of effort into other youth organisations in the community.

Rochelle says Sarah is as generous with other organisations as she is with PCYC.

“She’ll do ‘back to Country’ trips with other providers, visits the Alternative Education School and helps the young girls there, assists with running programs, attends camps and pretty much gets involved in everything, so she’s really a key asset to PCYC.”

Thanks to Sarah and to all the other Police Officers who give their support so generously to PCYC, not just on Thank A Cop Day, but every day.

We are so lucky to have the support of our key partner, the Western Australia Police Force to make PCYC the organisation it is today.

Header picture photo credit: Tim Lanzon

Kununurra PCYC

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Sarah now has bonds with young people like never before. She’s built up a great relationship with the kids.
— Rochelle Roby, Kununurra PCYC Programs and Partnership Manager