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Role models flying high!

Published: December 13, 2023 9:39am

West Coast Eagles players Courtney Rowley (#5), Dana Hooker (#17), Jackson Nelson (#30) and Sarah Lakay (#23) visited Kensington PCYC to run a footy workshop for 30 very excited four to eight-year-olds!

The workshop is part of the West Coast Eagles community engagement program, where players get to share their passion for football with the next generation.

The session began with children learning the basics of kicking and handballing before moving onto ‘Rob the nest’ mayhem and rounds of dodgeball led by Jackson. To Jackson, community engagement is all about getting kids involved in gameplay and having fun.

Courtney agreed, “It’s nice to give back, and everyone gets something out of it.”

Dana, cognisant of her role in providing female representation during community engagement, highlighted the importance of inspiring young girls, adding, “It gives the girls something to look up to”. Dana shared that she would have loved to meet female players when she was younger to demonstrate the possibility of pursuing football as a career path.

Standing over 6 feet tall, Sarah encouraged all the children to reach for the sky, attempting to tap her hand. The eager participants, some proudly sporting their West Coast Eagles gear, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and gave it their all.

By the end of the workshop, the Eagles players knew all the kids by their first names, having got to know them all throughout the session. The children even managed to convince the rugged players to play an imaginary tea party game!

Before bidding farewell, the four Eagles signed autographs on every piece of paper the children brought to them. Imogen managed to get autographs from everyone, proudly exclaiming “My parents are big Eagles fans!”

Thank you to the West Coast Eagles for continuing to bring joy and education to our young people.