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SafeSISTAS™ girls get a taste of farm life

Published: October 03, 2023 11:21am

A group of five girls from Geraldton have been getting their hands dirty over the last couple of months, volunteering at the Leaning Tree Equine and Animal Experience in Cape Burney, 12 kilometres south of Geraldton.

As part of the safeSISTAS program, the teenagers have journeyed out every few weeks to assist at the farm. From mending fences to helping care for the animals, the girls are getting a taste of farm life whilst giving back to the community.

Sara, the owner of Leaning Tree Equine and Animal Experience, is a qualified Equine Assisted Practitioner and advocates for the benefits of being around animals to reduce anxiety and stress.

The girls loved being in the fresh air surrounded by nature. The highlight for them was cuddling and bonding with the guinea pigs, rabbits, and horses, especially Casey, the chubby little pony.

A bond between a young person and an animal has many benefits, including strengthening the person’s mental and physical health, decreasing feelings of loneliness, improving social and behavioural skills and increasing motivation for activities and life experiences.

Centre Manager Talya said, “The smiles on the girls’ faces show how much they have loved the experience.”

PCYC is so proud of the safeSISTAS girls for their have-a-go attitude, we can’t wait to hear where they volunteer next!

The smiles on the girls’ faces show how much they have loved the experience.
— Geraldton PCYC Centre Manager Talya Quinn