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Skatepark hits the mark in Broome

Published: August 31, 2020 12:00am

Skateboarding is making a comeback at Broome PCYC, after carpenter and volunteer Chris Malone took it upon himself to build the children and young people a skatepark. He initially built a grind box, but after the kids began to show an interest, he added to it with ramps and other objects.

Now, the skatepark is continually packed with children of all ages learning to skate and honing their skills.

“There’s a core group of young kids up here who definitely shred – both boys and girls, which I think is epic,” Chris says. “To see kids getting into skating and trying to learn is really fulfilling.”

“We’re regularly getting 20 kids a week. I love seeing these kids progress week to week and get more confidence. I want to see some kids going down and shredding up a comp in Perth.”