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Thank a Cop Day

Published: September 24, 2020 12:00am

On the 19th of September we celebrated Thank a Cop Day, a day to recognise the exceptional work that Police Officers do.

Spotlight on Monica Lee

The Broome community has many reasons to thank Youth Police Officer, Monica Lee. Throughout many years of working with Broome PCYC, Monica has dedicated herself to making a positive difference in the lives of local children and young people.

When restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and many disengaged young people in Broome were disconnected from their usual support networks, Monica worked hard to educate them about how they could play an important part in helping to stop the spread of the virus. Through Monica’s efforts, children and young people felt they were helping their community and it is certain that without Monica’s help, there would have been significantly more virus cases in Broome.

Monica usually spends endless hours promoting PCYC programs to families throughout the community and she often provides transport for children who otherwise would not be able to participate.

In particular, Monica’s work has made a lasting and positive difference to the lives of disengaged young girls, especially Indigenous girls.

The Broome PCYC offers a safeSPACE program for girls aged 12 to 17 where young people can get involved in sports and arts and crafts, cooking and also get help with homework, all in a secure and supportive environment. Through her work in the community Monica realised that there were many younger girls who were disengaged and vulnerable and could benefit from involvement in a program especially for them.

So in October 2019, Monica suggested that PCYC Broome start a safeSPACE program designed for girls aged from 9 to 12 years. Monica worked with PCYC Broome staff to develop the program and this was soon established with funding from the WA Police Special Fund.

Once the new program was available, Monica worked with local families to encourage between 13 and 15 young girls to take part in the very first SafeSPACE program for girls aged 9 to 12 years. The outcomes achieved were nothing short of amazing. Monica worked hard to break down the barriers between police and young people and the young people and their families. As result of Monica’s work, many young girls who were in danger of going off the rails have been able to turn their lives around.