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Roebourne kids learn healthy habits

Published: November 30, 2023 1:45pm

Thanks to significant support from Rio Tinto and Regional Development Australia (RDA) Pilbara, PCYC provides a range of wellbeing and developmental activities for local children through the safeSPACE™ program.

Recently, young people at Roebourne PCYC have been given the opportunity to take part in Bush Medicine workshops. The workshops give young people the chance to connect with culture as elders impart their wisdom of identifying and utilising bush medicine, plus teaching language. In the last session, participants learned how to prepare Bardirri Jami, a medicine created from the inner bark of the Bardirri bush, used for ailments and skin conditions, which they then took home to their families.

The promotion of health and wellness remains a core focus of safeSPACE™. PCYC continues to address food insecurity by providing healthy meals and educating children on the benefits of nutritious food. Additionally, participants have been taking part in health and wellbeing activities, including incursions from the Mawankarra Health Services, where young people get to learn about the dangers of smoking in a comfortable environment whilst connecting with a crucial community agency.

The Strong Girls program has proven to be a popular group this term. Health and wellness topics have taught self-reflection and emotional regulation through creative outlets such as scrapbooking, art, and journaling.

Both the Strong Boys and Strong Girls programs also focus on nurturing positive group relationships where older children are encouraged to act as role models for the younger children. The goal being for young people to apply these skills outside of PCYC.

Thank you to Rio Tinto and RDA Pilbara for supporting the safeSPACE™ program in Roebourne. The impact the program has on young people in the community is invaluable.

Hero photo credit: Pilbara Bush Remedy