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Wriggly worm farm draws in kids

Published: June 26, 2020 12:00am

Over 400 children came to PCYC Centres in Albany and Kensington to take part in the community program where kids learn how important the humble earthworm is to the environment.

Children love getting their hands dirty and even better, through the PCYC worm farm project they got to learn about how earthworms act as natural recyclers and help other plants thrive by tunneling through the earth creating access to water and leaving waste that helps them grow.

Melainie Sholes, Kensington OSHC Centre Coordinator, said it was a delight to welcome children and young people back to after school care after the temporary closure during Covid-19.

The children’s new favourite after school activity is tending to their miniature gardens where they plant seasonal seedlings and wait avidly for them to grow.

The popular community program saw 45 children attend the Centres every day. This vital after school program supports local working families by providing young people with a safe and supervised place to go after school as well as the opportunity to try new activities.