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Young people find their own rhythm at Midland safeSPACE™

Published: March 23, 2021 3:14pm

Midland’s safeSPACE™ was a wall of sound when Binar Sports, PCYC Youth Workers and DJ rapper Bace Kadet came together to encourage local young to create their own unique music, songs and hip hop routines.

Bace Kadet, aka Harrison Edmonds off stage, ran a five week workshop showing children how to use DJ equipment, write songs, compose music and create dance routines. It began with the young people choosing their favourite songs and music which showed them how to discover their own rhythm.

All participants composed their own music with Harrison helping to put the finishing touches to the production, encouraging them to get in front of everyone and perform.

He said it was fascinating to see the change in some of the young people over the five weeks of the course.

“To begin with, they were self-conscious kids who were afraid of looking silly and being judged and by the end, they were behaving like adults, arriving early and asking if they could help set up the equipment,” said Harrison.

“Some of these kids have great natural rhythm and suppleness and once they got some confidence, they were ready to rap – it was brilliant.”

“The change in them through finding their own rhythm and sound and learning to create that for themselves was amazing.”

Some of the young people want to take their newfound talent further and have shown interest in professional music production and performance. Harrison has encouraged them to gain confidence through small projects such as performing on stage at their local sports club windup.

“The sky’s the limit for some of these kids once they find their own rhythm,” he said.

Click here to hear some of the relaxing music composed by the young people at Midland’s safeSPACE™ with help from DJ Bace Kadet.