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A driver's licence means everything for Corey

Published: January 31, 2024 1:26pm

Special celebrations were in order for Corey from Broome, who accomplished his driver’s licence through the Drive to the Future (DTTF) program.

For Corey, the road to achieving his licence hasn’t been easy. He had previously obtained his learner’s permit, but due to a lack of support to complete the required supervised hours, the permit expired.

Corey is also differently abled; he was born profoundly deaf and uses Auslan to communicate. This proved to be no barrier to success for the Broome DTTF team in collaboration with Corey’s interpreter, Michelle.

With help from DTTF Coordinator Bronte and Mentor Shanaya, Corey effortlessly passed the learner’s theory test. Despite 8 years having passed, Corey still recalled much of the information from his first test.

Michelle and PCYC driving instructor Lionel worked strategically to develop creative ways of signalling and communicating with Corey to assist him throughout his supervised driving sessions.

On just his first attempt, Corey passed his Practical Driving Assessment with flying colours.

Corey is ecstatic to have accomplished his licence, allowing him to do the things he loves, like taking his dog to the beach and driving himself out bush to practice the skills his grandparents taught him, including how to eat and live off the land.

The independence that comes with a driver’s licence is something Corey has long desired, and thanks to the support from the Broome DTTF team, the dream became a reality.

Corey Drive to the Future Broome

DTTF is generously funded by the Driving Access and Equity Program.