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Big Change Raffle grand prize goes to a big heart

Published: July 29, 2021 12:54pm

Standing in her classroom, Sam couldn’t believe her ears when she was told over the phone that she was the Grand Prize winner of the latest Big Change Raffle.

Never giving much thought about winning, she’s purchased 260 raffle tickets over the years as a way to support PCYC, having been a PCYC kid herself.

Growing up in Kalbarri, there wasn’t much to do apart from fishing, swimming and doing gymnastics at PCYC! “Going to PCYC kept you out of trouble, it gave you something to do on the weekend” she said.

With a big heart, Sam is already thinking of ways to use her prize money to give back to the community: she’d love to help gymnastics get up and running again in cyclone-affected Kalbarri and support the Junior Cadets of farming-town Dalwallinu.

Our worthy winner is a member of the Big Change Club too, which means she had tickets put aside for her each raffle and was always in with a chance to win!

Our new raffle has now opened, so head to to purchase your tickets today.