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PCYC Big Change Raffle Winner had good karma coming his way!

Published: July 28, 2022 12:04pm

Mohamed, our latest PCYC Big Change Raffle grand prize winner never thought he’d end up being the one holding the big cheque.

After donating for years to PCYC, Mohamed said, “I never expected the physical Karma to be coming like this.”

Passionate about helping not-for-profits, he donates regularly to charities and is a PCYC Big Change Club member which means raffle tickets are automatically put aside for him every month.

Since he became a member, Mohamed has purchased 465 tickets – equating to nearly $1,395. His dedicated support to PCYC has made him a worthy winner for sure.

What is he going to do with his winnings? “I have to check with my wife” he candidly answered, but it sure is a nice boost for his big family of five children.

Support PCYC by joining the Big Change Club and you’ll stack up your chances to win big! Head to

P36 PCYC Big Change Raffle Grand Prize Winner