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More job prospects for Kensington graduates

Published: June 27, 2019 12:00am

Congratulations to 14 students who have graduated from the Kensington PCYC Certificate I Automotive course.

The course is the perfect introduction for young people considering a career in the automotive industry. Across seven weeks, students learn about stripping and rebuilding engines, car servicing, welding and soldering and much more. They also enjoy a healthy lunch at PCYC to get used to a working day!

As well as practical skills like the fundamentals of safety, students also learn employability skills and gain help writing their resumes to help them progress to paid employment. PCYC also supports students participating in the course with a transportation service to and from the Centre to reduce any barriers to completing the course.

Kensington PCYC Trainer, Rob Hardy, said he is proud to be part of the students' journey. “The change in the behaviour of these young people has been incredible. They have shown commitment to the course, dedication to themselves and to the other students” he concluded.