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PCYC joins forces with Gascoyne Games for an epic weekend of regional sport

Published: October 03, 2023 8:58am

Carnarvon was chosen as the 2023 host of the Gascoyne Games, a multi-sport event welcoming athletes of all ages and skill levels to compete.

The momentous occasion in the local calendar took place over the first weekend of September, and saw community engagement in more than 11 sports, with PCYC hosting and contributing to four key disciplines; basketball, badminton, gymnastics and volleyball.

Over 250 spectators visited PCYC activities over the weekend. Gymnastics alone had 70 participants, and badminton, basketball, and volleyball close to 50 contestants each. Congratulations to all competitors for their efforts over the weekend.

Basketball players were fortunate enough to have Greg Hire, a former Wildcats Basketball player and the event’s official ambassador, as their finals game referee. His presence on the court heightened the excitement of the event and motivated the participants to put forth their best effort during the game.

“Sport is a powerful connector, bringing people together irrespective of gender, culture, background, and religious beliefs. To play some small part in that was certainly special,” Hire said.

There was something for everyone over the weekend, with various non-sport social activities for families and individuals, including live music and social mixers, offering a chance for people to get involved in the regional community.

For people in the Gascoyne, this event is more than just a sporting competition; it serves as a unifying occasion, fostering intra-regional spirit and providing an opportunity for a variety of sports to flourish and develop in the region.

PCYC is proud to contribute to this special event and provide opportunities for young people to get involved in social activities and develop positive connections with their community.